When You Should Hire a Professional Painter

As you look around your home, you may realize that your walls need a touch-up or that you want a new look for your rooms. In those cases, a fresh coat of paint or an entirely new color can do wonders, and you may think about tackling the change yourself. Before you break out your paintbrushes and get down to business, think about if your situation requires a professional to get the job done right.

Messes and mistakes are common for DIY painters, and it can be unsatisfying to go through all of the efforts of setting up, painting and cleaning up to realize the finished paint job doesn't look as flawless as you had hoped. There are several instances when it just makes sense to hire a professional painter.

The Job Needs a High Degree of Quality Work

If you're about to list your home for sale, a flawless paint job is a must-have. A quality paint job adds value to your home, whether you're selling or not. When you work with a professional team of painters, you can feel reassured that they will do an excellent job. Professional painters are usually the following:

  • Insured: Professional painters are insured to cover any possible accidents that may occur during their services. When you take on a project yourself, not only do you risk less than ideal results, but you won't have insurance to protect against any potential accidents.

  • Experienced: Even if you've done a lot of painting before, professional painters have plenty of experience.

  • Clean: Professionals take the proper steps before painting a room to protect floors, ceilings and other surfaces. You won't have stray paint marks or spills left behind when professional painters transform your home, and they'll take care to clean up their supplies when they're done.

Many professionals will do a walk-through of your home or the painted room to ensure the result is exactly what you wanted. If you aren't happy with the results, they will take steps to fix things so that the final project ends up being what you expected.

You're on a Time Crunch

Maybe you have an event coming up, and you need your home to look fresh and amazing. Or maybe you'll be showing your home to potential buyers soon. Even if you want a job done quickly so it doesn't disrupt your life at home, a professional painter can help.

With a combination of experience and the proper tools, a professional painter can complete a job much sooner than a DIY painter. Painting is their job, rather than something they are trying to squeeze in between work and family commitments. A team of professional painters will try their best to work with your schedule if you need your home painted sooner, rather than later.

You Want a Job Done Efficiently

A professional painter will take care of all the little details a painting project requires, such as removing wallpaper, repairing dents or holes in the wall and removing popcorn ceilings. Professional painters will also use the appropriate primers to ensure a quality paint application the first time, making for a more efficient job. Along with the right tools, a team of skilled painters can work on large projects to complete them in efficient ways. They'll allocate resources and team members throughout your home to complete various aspects of the project at once, from preparing rooms to priming, painting and cleaning up after the job. Years of experience allowed them to develop a routine that will help them tackle almost any paint job in an efficient way.

You Don't Have the Right Equipment

Painting requires a fair amount of tools, which you may not have at home, including:

  • Drop cloths to cover furniture, floors and more for a clean job.

  • Quality painter's tape to protect trim, ceilings and floors.

  • Paintbrushes and rollers.

  • Quality primers and paint.

  • Pressure washer for exterior applications.

  • Stain for exterior decking and other wood surfaces.

  • Ladders and scaffolding.

  • Fans.

  • Protective gear such as masks and goggles.

These tools and others that professionals have will come in handy if:

  1. You have a multi-story home or high ceilings: Exterior applications on multi-story homes require particular ladders or scaffolding, which the average homeowner may not have. If you have high ceilings in an interior application, you'll also need ladders or extendable paint rollers.

  2. You have rooms with inadequate ventilation: Working in a small area or a room with few windows can be dangerous if you don't have a ventilation fan or mask. Professionals will have the right safety equipment and know when and how to use it.

  3. You have a room with a lot of details: Trim and other woodwork can make painting a room more challenging, but a professional will have both the skill and the tools to make the task simpler. Smaller, quality brushes and painter's tape will help professionals protect surfaces and paint detailed areas.

When you choose a professional to complete a home improvement project, you'll get both a high-quality and safe result. You don't need to risk exposing yourself to potentially dangerous fumes or equipment when the pros come in and know what they're doing.

Trust the Professionals at Alpha Superior Home Improvements

Perhaps the most important reason to hire a professional painter is this: it reduces your stress levels. Improve your home's appearance without the hassle of a DIY job. Trust us at Alpha Superior Home Improvements to refresh a room or change the look of your whole home. Our team members will show up on time to transform your space with a quality paint job, leaving your home clean and freshly painted.

Take a look at our painting services to find what's right for your home and know that no matter your needs, we'll work to exceed your expectations. We offer top-quality interior and exterior painting for homeowners in the Atlanta Metro area. Contact us with any questions you have about our services or book for free online with no obligations. Transform your home with help from Alpha Superior Home Improvements.

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