Choosing Paint for Your Home's Exterior

If the outside of your home looks a bit drab, has become weathered over the years or needs some protection from the elements, a new coat of exterior paint might be just the ticket. From the color to the type of paint and painting services, there are more choices than you may think when it comes to making the right selection for your home's exterior.

This somewhat permanent choice is a significant component of how your home looks to the rest of the world. It influences how it blends with the environment, how it holds up to dust and harsh weather and even the energy efficiency of your home. It also impacts how your neighborhood looks as a whole, so if you have picky neighbors, that may add some pressure. Thankfully, we can walk you through the process.

The Importance of Picking the Right Paint

We can't underestimate the value of selecting the best paint for the job. Everything from color and durability to protection and weather-resistance is an important aspect of the outside of your home.

The most prominent choice for many is the color. To start, look at the colors around your house. It should blend in with or complement the surrounding features. Look for cool or warm tones that might need to be carried through to the house. If your home is situated in the midst of trees, a natural, earthy tone may blend in well with warmer colors, for example.

You'll also want to consider the current design of your house. Roofing, patios and existing pathways need to match your exterior color unless you're doing a complete remodel. It may also help to think about the type of house you have. Some house styles, particularly older ones, may look best with specific colors. Historic painting takes many different routes, but it can be an excellent guideline to finding colors that work with the existing design and lend an aspect of historical accuracy to your paint job.

When you select your colors, there are three to consider: the field color, the accent color and the trim color. All of these choices need to work together. Trim colors are often darker than the field cover to add contrast. Another option is to use lighter shades of the field color for a more monochromatic color scheme.

Outside of color, you need to ensure that your paint can accomplish the tasks you need it to. Will it cover your existing coat well? Will it protect you from moisture or mold damage? What about yellowing from the sun? Paying attention to the paint you choose can mean the difference between a good paint job that lasts and protects your home for years and one that is dilapidated in three.

The Cheapest Paint Isn't Always Best

Your house is likely your most substantial investment, and a poor paint job can have significant ramifications. Skimping on an interior room may be more acceptable since it is relatively easy to take care of. An exterior wall, on the other hand, is continuously exposed to sun, wind, rain and snow, depending on where you live.

That wall is the only thing between you in your lovely, comfortable home and the raging weather outside. Bad paint could more easily allow moisture damage that affects the structural integrity of your house, mold damage that affects the health of a home's occupants or even insect infestations that may be unhealthy.

Appearance is the most noticeable drawback to skimping on exterior paint. Saving a little extra money on the paint itself could easily cost more in the long run, as it wears out or yellows in the sun, and you have to repaint again in a few years or spend more money to cover up the existing paint. Spending a bit more for a high-quality brand of paint can offer several other benefits that you don't see with cheaper brands.

You may wonder what exactly is in these expensive paints that makes them perform better? What even affects a paint's performance in the first place? Below are a few of the ways that pricier paints improve upon the job that their cheap counterparts can do.

  • More concentrated pigments: Part of the reason that expensive paints are more costly is that they use purer pigments. What this boils down to is the paint's ability to cover up a surface effectively. A paint with higher-quality pigments helps to create even, opaque coverage. This characteristic is in part due to better pigments, though expensive paints also tend to use less solvent than cheap paints. A solvent is a substance that holds the pigment and its binder together, such as water in latex paints. With low coverage, you may need more paint to cover up an existing coat, requiring more time and more cans overall. It may end up costing more in the long run.

  • May contain additives: Many premium paints will contain additives that help with a variety of tasks, such as preventing mildew buildup, retaining color quality and improving adhesion. It may also make the paint more resistant to chips or dings. While most grades of paint will contain some level of quality improvement through additives, premium paints tend to have more benefits in this area. You can protect your home better with high-quality paints.

  • Higher UV protection: Plenty of premium paint brands offer fade-resistance and UV protection in their products. This quality allows the paint to resist yellowing and discoloration from sunlight more thoroughly. For exterior paint, this quality is vital if you want your color to last for a long time.

Reasons to Paint the Exterior of Home Besides Changing the Color

Aside from color, you need to consider the job of exterior paint. It provides several practical functions, such as:

  • Protecting your home from environmental problems: Keeping the elements from destroying your siding is an essential function of exterior paints. They typically create a solid barrier that provides a level of resistance to all of these factors. Water-resistant paints can prevent moisture from seeping into the wood and causing mold or mildew. Most exterior colors even provide a layer of protection against insects who may be looking to infiltrate the home.

  • Keeping your home looking modern: If your house has been exposed to harsh sun and freezing winters for many years, it may be time for a new coat of paint. As the weather takes its toll on a home, it can lead to dingy-looking colors and worn paint. Often a fresh coat is enough to breathe new life into a house.

  • Increasing energy efficiency: The color of your home can even influence its energy efficiency. The Department of Energy noted that a dark-colored home can absorb up to 70-90 percent of the radiant energy from the sun that strikes its surface. If you live in a hot area, a light color helps to reflect the sun and keep things cool. While the effects are more pronounced in roof colors, exterior paint can help too.

  • Improving home value: As it can increase your curb appeal and protect your home from the elements, your home value may unsurprisingly go up. It's one of the top ten options for a significant return on investment (ROI)and offers an ROI of about 55 percent.

  • A change of pace: If none of these options are useful to you, "just because" is a plenty valid reason to add a new coat. If you've simply gotten bored of your home's color, repainting it may be an affordable way to change things up.

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For those living in the Atlanta Metro area, Alpha Superior Home Improvements is the go-to provider for exterior painting services. We strive to make your satisfaction our priority. Our crews are clean and courteous, arriving on time and leaving your home as spotless as we found it — except for that new splash of color on your walls. With exterior work, we will pressure wash your home and prepare any areas that need a little TLC before putting down the paint. Afterward, we will conduct a thorough cleanup and walk you through the job, ensuring that everything meets your needs.

If you want to protect your home, improve its appearance and have a nice change of pace, adding exterior paint is an excellent option. We offer free estimates on paint jobs with a detailed but straightforward visit. Book your free estimate online today.

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